Disk Trouble;
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  It is not easy disk converter, it is not just Windows emulation, it is all it and more then all of it in one.
for ZX Spectrum 
Disk Trouble is TR-DOS program. It consist of file manager and some external program modules. File manager works with some file systems, such as: TR-DOS, MS-DOS and some russian clones of CP/M. This is task swapping system: if you have enough memory (256, 512 or 1024 Kb), you can store under 16 modules and switch between it! Now you can have in memory: Text Viewer (color; 32,42,64 symbols per line), Map editor, Font editor, Color Lines (logic game), Music player {for PT3} and Disk Utility (Demo version, in RDS style). 

This program does not complete! There are lot of BUGs there! Please, test this program on yours hardware on non important disks. If programm does not work, try to use SETUP: switch off unknown hardware (or its autodetection). Most bugiest: Cash and General Sound support. There 2 versions: 0.244 - most useble under emulator or in #3D13 compatible mode, 0.255 - works under real Speccy, but lowlewel turboloader only READ disks, but not write its correctly.
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